Thursday, January 31, 2013

>> Kaleb: An Alluring Indulgence Novel (Volume 1)

Zoey Stranford might’ve had a crush on the sexy boy next door since middle school, but she’s a woman now, and that crush has turned into a full blown case of lust. So why is it that at twenty nine, her libido decides to ramp into high gear and the only thing she can focu

Kaleb: An Alluring Indulgence Novel (Volume 1)

WOW, Not What I Expected, But Loved It Anyway.
Let me first say that I realy LOVED this book as I enjoy reading these types of Erotica. I loved the characters and Kaleb and his brothers are off the charts HOT. BUT, this book should come with a warning, the synopsis is very misleading. This book is not just a sweet romance, this books is VERY, VERY, VERY STEAMY and not for the faint of heart. This books should be classifed as EROTICA as it contains a VERY,VERY,VERY HOT Menage a trois (MFM). Infact, ALL of Nichole Edwards books (Club Destiny Series) contain a Menage (MFM or MMF), and are some of the most EROTIC books I've ever read. SO, if you like very sexy, erotic novels, this one is for you, but if you thought FSOG contained too much sex, then this book is NOT FOR YOU.

Kaleb: An Alluring Indulgence Novel (Volume 1) is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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