Monday, January 14, 2013

>> A Strange Kind of Woman, Vol. 1

Shion is the cutest and sexiest girl in the school, but she literally never has anything to say. This doesn't stop Mamoru from asking her out, and he is elated to discover that she is actually a repressed nymphomaniac. But the fun is short-lived once his tall, slim, and stac

A Strange Kind of Woman, Vol. 1

The Reason I'm a fan of Inu
First and foremost, I love the art by Inu, as he really knows what he's doing for this kind of material. He has a talent for drawing scenes that have a very powerful erotic feeling to them. There is a scene in this volume that made me a fan of Inu, and it's the very first one. I'd bet there are others who could say similar things about Inu, and that anyone thinking of buying this would see what I mean after reading it. Anyways, on to the actual book review.

This is a great volume, completely uncensored and translated to English. It is of very good quality, with both the black & white and color pages. The size of the manga is nice too, at approximately 8 x 6 inches like it says in the product details. The sex is very nice, unlike some other hentai out there (not to hate, but some of the fetishes they have in Japanese porn is... well lets not go there.) The story and character development are on the light side (as expected), but there is some nice romance/comedy. I HIGHLY...

A Strange Kind of Woman, Vol. 1 is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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