Monday, May 20, 2013

>> Rode Hard, Put Up Wet (Rough Riders)

Workin up a hot, sticky sweat is pure pleasure with a hard-ridin cowboyor two. Struggling stock contractor Gemma Jansen swallows her pride and tracks down circuit rider Cash Big Crow to offer him a job managing her ranch. Cash agrees on one condition: theirs wont be strictly

Rode Hard, Put Up Wet (Rough Riders)

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Gemma Jansen's struggling to take care of her ranch on her own while continuing to supply animals for the rodeos. Only none of the promoters seem to want to use any of her animals and none of them can give her a reason why. She's in need of a ranch foreman and believes she knows the perfect man for the job.

Cash Big Crow has quit the rodeo and now takes odd jobs to earn a living. Gemma's offer of a job as foreman at her ranch isn't exactly the job of his dreams - though a more permanent home and someplace he can spend the summer getting to know his adult daughter is appealing. The perk to taking the job is going to be a stipulation he insists upon - she's the boss during the day, but at night, he's in charge.

Gemma's very attracted to Cash, however she's also quite a bit older than he is and a widow to boot. She's not entirely sure she's ready to move on but she definitely needs his help. The last thing she expects is the unbelievable jealousy she feels...

Rode Hard, Put Up Wet (Rough Riders) is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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