Thursday, May 23, 2013

>>> Enchanted: Erotic Bedtime Stories For Women

Allow yourself to be drawn into a fantasy world like no other…where a beautiful princess is seduced into a love triangle with a handsome prince and her winsome maid…where a mysterious gentleman's young bride is deliciously disciplined for her unchecked curiosity…where

Enchanted: Erotic Bedtime Stories For Women

Nice read, but not quite as inventive as I'd hoped.
I'm a big fan of the "fairytales retold" genre, and after reading reviews I had high expectations of this one. The writing style reminds me of victorian erotica, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but themewise felt like mellow erotica for the comfortably feminist gentle reader. I guess my personal kink factor is a little higher than the target audience. This is NOT the style/concept of the Anne Rice Sleeping Beauty, which is vastly higher on the sexually adventurous intensity scale. That all being said, this is a fine starter novel for a Lady's introduction to erotic reading. It has comfortably familliar fairytale themes, a self-empowerment message, nothing too shocking in language or content, and a couple of quite good scenes. I would definitely reccommend it to friends who have tried little erotica before, and might want a gentle introduction to pique thier curiosity.

Enchanted: Erotic Bedtime Stories For Women is one of best selling in Single Author category.

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