Thursday, May 23, 2013

>> Doms of Dark Haven 2: Western Night

Three women. One night. Four Doms to rope them up, ride them hard, and brand their hearts. It's Western Night at Dark Haven. A GOOD sub WOULD by Sierra Cartwright Shelby, a wanna-be sub, hasn't found a Dom strong enough to push past her need to be in control. Her experiences

Doms of Dark Haven 2: Western Night

Great stories, worth the purchase
I actually hesitated to purchase this one even though I liked the Haven 1. The descriptions of the stories did not jump out at me as ones that I was eager for. However, I decided to trust my instinct - and okay, I love Cherise Sinclair - and took the plunge. I am so glad that I bought this one!

I really enjoyed all three of these stories - all of them had a level of depth that I was not quite expecting. Of course I did expect very hot, sexy stories from these authors, and there was no disappointment there! However, the sensitivity and emotion required by all of the Doms to meet the needs of the leading ladies cannot be understated.

I read through novels pretty quickly, but I found myself deliberately slowing down...not to say the pacing was off or slow, but you will want to read with a glass of wine. These are very distinct stories with totally swoon-worthy male characters and women that do not annoy you as you get that their past experiences have shaped their...

Doms of Dark Haven 2: Western Night is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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