Sunday, February 3, 2013

> Zane's Afterburn: A Novel

When Washington, D.C., chiropractor Yardley Brown goes to his local bank, it isn't only to make deposits into his account. He has long since accrued some interest in Rayne Waters, a bank employee who's too beautiful to be true -- and too beautiful to be single. At least that

Zane's Afterburn: A Novel

Tomorrow is Not Promised
Many of us walk around day after day being consumed by life's little dramas and end up missing out on some of the more important things like love and companionship. Not to mention the folks who are mad about irrational things and those who are consumed by insecurities that prevent them from going after their heart's desires. These people are just wasting time. And that is the theme Zane focuses on in her latest release, AFTERBURN.

Rayne and Yardley eye each other at the bank where Rayne works on a daily basis, but it is months of wasted time and outrageous dating shenanigans before they finally hook up with each other. Once they do, though, it is a match made in heaven and they both realize how futile and empty their lives were without each other. Zane also examines the twin forces of friendship and betrayal, commitment and temptation, and faith and doubt through an ensemble cast of friends and family.

Zane has provided her readers with an exceptional plot...

Zane's Afterburn: A Novel is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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