Monday, February 4, 2013

>>> Domin-8 Me!

When digital photography nerd Tomonori Tsuda accidentally shoots an up skirt photo of classmate Hikaru Ohno, he discovers that (a) she has the Britney Spears approach to panties and (b) she's far more of a freak than anyone ever knew -- there's... THINGS up in there! He game

Domin-8 Me!

Tall chicks do it better!
I was skeptical and unnerved at first to finally break into actually buying one of these manga-eroticas but this one was well worth looking into and purchasing. The story, surprisingly for a hentai which should hold no margin for a story whatsoever from what most people may expect, actually has a REALLY good one! It's a romance-comedy about a young man who blackmails a woman into having relations with him but finds out later she actually likes him. The twist to this is that he's just under five feet tall and his 'playmate' is well over six feet! The eyecandy to this particular visual read is intensely detailed and makes it more worthwhile to look at beyond the already intriguing story. This isn't exactly for the faint of heart; it's not over the top kinky or immensely taboo, it's just that there was alot of stuff in it I wasn't quite used to, still aren't, but it's not like I can argue with the guys who got this published; they at least got it that far along for people like me to...

Domin-8 Me! is one of best selling in Erotica category.

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